nature-fueled designs

:::Always on the lookout for birds & great light:::

Bonjour! Hello! I am a natural light photographer who likes clean, modern, and simple design. With my background in biology, I love working with nature inspired designs. I’ve created a range of design collateral from personal brand designs to a full design suite for a local brand. I enjoy all aspects of the design process. I am proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I enjoy working with team members to deliver the best design solution to meet my clients’ needs.

c'est moi
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Hand-Coded HTML

My focus is writing clean, well-formatted, semantic HTML5 by hand to make sure that the content is easy to read, easy to collaborate, trouble-shoot and accessible.

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Well-Organized CSS

I pride myself on writing CSS that is easy to read and build on. I focus on keeping my CSS lean and fast to load, and I make it a habit to stay up to date on current best practices.

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Converting PSD to HTML

You can trust me to take a designer’s PSD and quickly & accurately convert it into a webpage that is a pixel-perfect match.